Surviving ADHD at Home During COVID-19

Posted on April 17th, 2020 to Uncategorized

This information is brought to you by the Vermont Department of Health. They conducted a survey among 24 Vermont school nurses regarding successful strategies parents had shared with at home schooling for children with ADHD. These are some of the ideas shared:


  • Develop a daily structure and follow it regularly; set time limits and use timelines to complete projects; short breaks following 10-20 minutes of instruction. Include things like showering, getting dressed, brushing teeth, bedtime in routine. 
  • Create visual schedules with your children and post them in plain sight.
  • Having virtual sessions with the school counselor, behavioral interventionist. 
  • Talking with PCP about medication.
  • Connecting with friends via the internet.
  • Getting outside for a walk.
  • If both parents are home, take turns if possible.
  • Focus on relationships.
  • Hands on projects.
  • Lowering your expectations.
  • Being creative.
  • Clear limits on screen time.
  • Phone alarms to support medication regime.
  • One parent had success making a desk right next to theirs.
  • Setting up scheduled meal breaks,with low carb/sugar options as much as possible.
  • Small trampoline as a study break. One parent had their child run around the house 3 times every 30 minutes. Scavenger hunt that was 50% outside. 
  • Encouraged communication between PCP, school nurse, other team members. 


This website also has some great resources and ideas for parents: