Welcome New Parents


New Parents


Thank you for your interest in our practice. Whether you are newly expecting, have children already, or are an adolescent looking for care, we are excited to hear from you. We offer prenatal visits to discuss our practice and what to expect in the newborn experience. Please feel free to call or email us with questions or to join our practice.

What To Expect

The prenatal visit is a chance for you to meet us, learn about our practice and our philosophy, and tour the office. We will discuss your pregnancy, your birth plans, what happens in the newborn nursery, and our collaborative model of care.

In the first nine months of health supervision visits we will rotate you through our clinicians so that we all get to know each other. This way when you bring your child in for a same-day sick visit or if you call after hours, we’ll know each other. It also enables us to collaborate on your child’s care. You may choose to see primarily one clinician or a combination of clinicians for health supervision visits.

We’re Here For You.

On the parenting journey, we expect you will have many questions. We’re happy to listen to your concerns and help you find the right answers.


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