Frequently Asked Questions

Is your practice accepting new patients?

Yes! We are accepting newborns as well as patients transferring into our

How long does it take to get an appointment?

  • We aim to see your sick child the same day that you contact us.
  • It is easy to schedule health supervision visits to fit into your schedule if they are
    scheduled early.
  • We aim to see new patients within a month of receiving their transfer in request.

Do I need to choose a Primary Care Provider for my child?

You may choose to either see one clinician or to rotate based upon schedule or
fit for your child’s developmental stage. Our practice is small enough for us to
use a collaborative model of care in which we share patients and discuss them
frequently throughout each day.

What is a “Medical Home”?

“Medical Home” is a model of care designed to put patients and families at the
center of their health care while our office coordinates services around them.
Essentially, we want our office to be your child’s health care home base. We aim
to provide a broad array of services within our office, and for those services we
don’t provide, we arrange the referrals to specialists. This model is about
culturally sensitive full-circle communication. Our nurses and clinicians are
available at all times to answer your questions and guide your child’s care.

What are your beliefs about immunizations?

Immunizations are the most important development in health care history. We
feel strongly that immunizing your child gives them the best protection against
many dangerous and fatal diseases. We follow the immunization schedule
created by the Centers for Disease Control. Please protect your child and those
around them by immunizing.

What are your after-hours services?

  • One of our clinicians is always available by phone for your urgent after-hours
    needs. When you call you will speak with our pediatric nurse triage service who
    can advise you, or reach the on-call clinician for consultation.
  • On Saturdays and Sundays the office is closed to routine visits, but the on-call
    clinician is available for urgent care visits from 10 am – noon.

How can we contact your office?