Parents/Caregivers can get paid their PCA funds for caring for their child during COVID-19

Posted on April 13th, 2020 to Uncategorized

Changes in Children’s Personal Care Services in Response to COVID-19

This notice is for all families who have a child who receives PCA funding through CSHN. Due to COVID-19 The Vermont Agency for Human Services requested a waiver from the Centers for Medicaid and Medicare to allow parents and family members to receive payment for the extra PCA hours they are providing right now. Caregivers can now be paid $13.75/ hour (tax free) for the number of hours their child gets in PCA funds (minus anything that an existing PCA provides in a given week). You can receive the payment even if you are employed, receiving FML or unemployment. This payment to families/parents will be retroactive to 3/15/2020 and go until the state determines the pandemic is over.


How to do this:

-Submit an invoice to ARIS every other week. See form links below.


Check out the official changes by clicking here and here for families with waivers.


If you need further support please check out the following resources:

  • Contact Adam Poulin, Program Administrator at 802-865-1395.
  • Contact CSHN at 800-660-4427 OR 802-863-7338.
  • Join the facebook group: State of Emergency Order for Caregivers. This group was created by Tammy Carroll (shout out to Tammy for all the advocating she has been doing regarding this issue!). There is lots of information here and you can check in with other families for support as well. 
  • Join the facebook group: Vermont Family Network or go to their website here for further resources and to view the most recent town hall zoom meeting. 


Linked here is also documented guidance for families of children with disabilities from the Agency of Education. Specifically how schools are supporting children with disabilities (IEPS + 504s) during these times. Click here.


Please reach out to our office if we can support you and your family with any of this!