Office Updates: Keeping our office safe from coronavirus, and Telemedicine

Posted on March 20th, 2020 to Uncategorized

Thank you for your patience as we continue to adapt during the coronavirus pandemic.  Here are a few updates:

Keeping our office safe for families:

  • The only patients we are seeing in the office are infants for their wellness checks through age 12 months.  These patients need weight checks and immunizations.
  • We are not seeing any sick patients in our office to prevent the spread of COVID.
  • We are allowing only one caregiver to accompany each patient, and asking for siblings to stay home if possible.
  • Patients and caretakers will have their temperatures taken at the door and will be screened for COVID risk factors.
  • Patients are being ushered quickly into examination rooms, and being kept out of the waiting room.
  • All office visits are being done in the morning, and all are being done on one side of the hallway, in rooms that are disinfected after every visit.


This week we launched telemedicine through  This is being done to keep sick people out of the office, and to prevent you from being exposed to us.  When the connection is good, telemedicine has worked beautifully.  However, because of the surge in clinicians using telemedicine, the platform gets overwhelmed and sometimes we’ve been unable to successfully connect.  We appreciate your patience while these kinks get ironed out.

If you’d like to schedule a telemedicine visit, call us, send a portal message, or request an appointment through our website.  We can almost certainly accommodate your visit that same day.  At the time of the appointment we will text or email you a link, which will bring you into the secure telemedicine platform.  You can do this on a computer or on a smartphone.

For patients without internet access, call us and we’ll do a clinician phone visit.

Please give us any feedback you may have.  We are adapting rapidly and your feedback will be helpful.

Thank you.