Coronavirus Guidance

Posted on March 7th, 2020 to Uncategorized

Updated information regarding the novel Coronavirus, called COVID-19.

March 5, 2020

We wish to keep our families informed about the status of the worldwide COVID-19 epidemic, its impact on Vermont, what you can do, and how Lakeside Pediatrics is prepared.  Here are current facts and our recommendations:

  1. As of March 5, there are no confirmed cases in our community or state.
  2. The Vermont Department of Health is providing information and leadership in directing our community response. Up to date information regarding COVID-19 and Vermont can be found at Click on the novel coronavirus banner at the top of the home page.
  3. Beware of the false information that is already flooding the internet and social media. Trust only the information from the Vermont Department of Health and the US CDC:

  1. It appears that very few children have become seriously ill worldwide. At this point in time we can be comforted and reassured that children may be at low risk of harm.
  2. Testing is recommended only for significantly ill patients who are likely to be hospitalized. The test is not available for patients with minor illness.  We agree with this approach to testing.
  3. Should you take your child to the Emergency Department or Immediate Care facilities?  No.  Not unless your child is seriously ill and hospitalization is anticipated, for example temperature AND significant shortness of breath, like a minute breathing rate of 55-60 breaths or more.
  4. What about masks?It is becoming more and more certain that standard masks provide no protection.  In hospitals certain high efficiency masks are effective, but only when used with protective gowns and eye protection.  When a patient is ill with suspected flu-like illness or suspected COVID-19 there is some value for the patient to wear a mask to reduce their risk of infecting others.
  5. Careful hand washing remains our best protection.Alcohol based cleansers such as Purel with 60% alcohol are effective hand cleaners when dry.  Soap and water washing require 20 seconds to be most effective.  How long is 20 seconds?  Sing the “ABC Song”, including the last “now I know my abc’s verse”.
  6. We welcome your calls during regular office hours or portal messages at any time if you have additional questions.