After a COVID Infection, clearance is required before returning to recess, gym, and sports

Posted on February 23rd, 2021 to Uncategorized

COVID-19 infection can include infection and inflammation of the heart, called myocarditis.  This can happen even when a person is asymptomatic from their infection.  Myocarditis puts people at increased risk of dangerous heart arrhythmias.  The risk of arrhythmias increases as the demand on the heart increases, such as with exercise.


Children and young adults of all ages who have had a COVID-19 infection will need to be cleared by us with an in-person visit before returning to activities that involve physical exertion.  This includes recess and gym class, as well as competitive sports.  At a minimum, clearance will require 14 days from resolution of symptoms or 14 days from a positive covid test if it was an asymptomatic illness.  We use a medical clearance protocol adapted from the American College of Cardiology.  If you or your child has had a COVID-19 infection, please schedule a visit with us for clearance to resume exercise.