#11 Ways To Save Money During COVID19 

Posted on April 2nd, 2020 to Uncategorized

By Jordan Palker, MSW

In times like these every penny counts! These are unprecedented, challenging times. Whether you lost a job, are having to cut your hours due to the loss of childcare, have gotten sick during this time, etc this list has some small ideas to make your money go further during this time. 


#1- Get rid of your cable. Or look for a more affordable plan. Many streaming platforms such as netflix, amazon, hulu offer the same entertainment at a much lower rate.   


#2- Contacting your internet provider (phone company, etc) to shop for a more affordable plan. 


#3- Ensure you are enrolled in your grocery stores rewards program.


#4-Start using coupons! 


Look for the deals! Most stores have flyers readily accessible at the door of the store that show the weekly deals and have coupons for you to use. These are also available online.  Also checkout the following apps that give you discounts and money back at your grocery store:


  • Checkout 51
  • Coupons.Com (online and in app form)
  • Fetch Rewards
  • Ibotta
  • Rakuten 
  • Saving Star


Other ideas to save money at the grocery store:


  • Make a shopping list! Stick to it. 
  • Make snacks- don’t buy them. It’s often cheaper to make certain things like baked goods from scratch than to buy them pre packaged. Get creative with your kids AND save money!
  • Buy generic items.
  • Buy in bulk.
  • Pay attention to prices and deals.  


#5- Prepare meals that go a long way! 


Cheap meals that can be stretched or frozen such as: Chili, Spaghetti, Soup, Lasagna, Shepards Pie, Cooking a whole ham/chicken.


  • Buying versatile products in bulk such as: rice, potatoes, tomato sauce, oatmeal, meat. 


#6- Extending the shelf life of perishables by freezing. 


Some other ideas in the kitchen: 


  • Check out Misfit market as another great way to get discounted, fresh produce delivered to your door. 


  • Check out meal delivery services that have free and discount codes for your first or first couple orders (Sun Basket, Hello Fresh, Blue Apron, Home Chef). You can cancel them at any time. 


  • Freeze your vegetable scraps. When you have enough you can boil them to make your own stock!


  • Get creative. Find ways to use leftover items such as egg cartons to keep your children entertained.


#7-  Investing in affordable reusable items: 


-Reusable spray bottles. Instead of buying small individual spray bottles every time you are out you can buy a big refill of products (cleaners, etc) and fill the bottle as needed. 

-Reusable Water Bottles. Getting a Brita instead of buying bottled water.

-Reusable coffee filters or k cups.

-Food storage containers. 

-Cleaning rags/towels vs buying paper towels.

-Cloth napkins vs paper napkins.

-Reusing store plastic bags for trash bags.


#8- Now is a good time to start those seeds inside to grow your own produce! 

You and your children can have fun doing this and also save money down the road on vegetables and herbs. Some of the easier products to start with if you are new to gardening:


-Tomatoes, Cucumbers, Lettuce, Zucchini, Carrots  

-Chives, Parsley, Cilantro, Mint, Basil


#9- Think about ways to save on your electric, water and gas bills. 


Turning lights off when you aren’t using them, turning the tv one when no one is watching, using energy efficient CFL and LED bulbs, wash your clothing with cold water, air dry your clothing, turning your heat down, use power strips, lowering your water heater, etc. The list goes on and on! 


Contact your power company and Efficiency Vermont to look for ways to save money in your home. 


#10- Cancel any memberships you may not need or be able to afford right now.


#11-See if any of your providers can cut you some slack during this tough financial time.


  • Call your credit card company and ask if they can give you a lower rate.
  • Student loans can be put on hold without accumulating interest from now until September 30, 2020.  Contact your lender.
  • Contact your mortgage lender to see how they can support you during this time.


Most companies are willing to work with you and support you during this time. Just give them a call!